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New:2924, 1338-2 Poly Velvet Top w/ Diagonal Ombré Skirt w/ Ombré Skirt
Bulk Sale 30% off
パウ$15 セール!! $15 Pāʻū SALE!!
1314 Velvet Off Shoulder
2805 & 1343 Ombré Rayon
1326, 1303 Velvet with Stretch lace
2997 Velvet Top, Print Skirt
1318 Velvet, Monstera
Rayon Dresses: 1314, 1320, 2812-2
NEW! 1331 Ombré (Gradation) Velvet/Lace, 1330 Eyelet Lace
1325 Velvet & Chiffon, 2815-2 Rayon Ombré, 2842 Rayon Ombré
NEW ITEMS 1335. 1337, 1339, 1341, 1342, 1343, 2997 Fuchsia
2936 Ombré Monstera (Gradation Monstera)
NEW! 1334 Poly Cotton Print with Stretch Lace
1333 Velvet Top, Rayon Skirt
2938 One Shoulder Velvet, Wide Skirt
1316 Velvet/Rayon

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Aloha our valuable customers!!

Please visit us at our NEW STORE in the Alana Waikiki Business Center:

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We're still happy to offer some discount! For a limited time, rayon, poly cotton, and cotton dresses ordered in bulk (10 or more, in same design and color, in standard sizes only) are still 20% off our regular price.

All velvet dresses ordered in bulk (5 or more, in same design and color, in standard sizes only) are 20% off our regular price.

Also, many items has cut in price!

Limited time offer subject to in-stock and fabric availability.


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